New Center For Performing Arts at Makerere University

For the last few years, the Department of Performing Arts and Film (PAF) has been focused on improving the Education Programs at the Department. One of the most important needs, is the space. Musicians needs space, dancers need space, actors needs space. Functional places to store all the equipment is quite important for students in film and music in particular. For the dancers and for drama; the most important requirement is space.





We are planning to have a theater as a part of the new PAF Center. In that way, our students can perform on a quite grand stage, for other students, teachers, family and friends. The theatre can also be rented out, and in that way become a source of income for the economic sustability of the Center.



The University has allocated the Department of Performing Arts and Film a beautiful piece of land, and also a permission to build has been given. The Norwegian architect and building company MARK Architects Group will develop the architectural design for the new Center, and have already started the process with draft making drawings. Right now we are working to find a way to raise the money needed for the building. So far, we have a few sponsors who are interested in investing in this project, and we are continuously looking for more sponsors.



The land is approximately 2 000 square meters, and has a natural slope that will be perfect in the making of the amfi theatre.




The Center for Performing Arts will bring the students from music, drama, dance and film together in harmony. They will be working together in all kinds of constellations, and they will be able to watch each other perform, which has not been the case. The film students offer valuable knowledge and skills for all the three performing arts. The main aim for the building is  to be functional, practical and flexible.

Another important aspect of the building is that it will be made using local and environmentally friendly materials. Uganda is very rich in great building materials.

3 thoughts on “New Center For Performing Arts at Makerere University

  1. This is really good news and a much needed department in the region. it’s development is not just good news for Uganda but I believe for East A frica as a region.


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